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sukanto Kuri
Jun 25, 2022
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Currently, the campaign may be perfectly well done. But one day you may Photo Retouching suddenly find yourself caught up in something you didn't expect. You have to struggle to free yourself before you lose sight of your goals. Otherwise, the results will sink. Failures can occur at any time in a PPC program. If you are new to paid paid search ads, you are most vulnerable to these obstacles. Once you know where the obstacles are hiding, you can take precautionary measures to avoid them. This article will help you clean the water in your PPC. 1. If your daily campaign budget is not really your daily campaign budget With Google Ads, you can set a maximum daily budget for your Photo Retouching campaign. A reasonable person interprets it as meaning that if you run out of Photo Retouching your maximum budget for the day, you won't spend any more. But a rational person would be wrong. In October 2017, Google Ads changed the rules to allow campaigns to spend up to twice the average daily budget . advertisement Continue reading below The "maximum daily budget" is now calculated and applied during the month instead of daily. That is, Google calculates the average monthly billing limit. This is the average number of days in a month multiplied by the average daily budget. And they promise not to exceed it in a month. Let me explain with some screenshots. The example Photo Retouching below sets a budget of $ 50. Set a daily budget with Google Ads When you drill down to your account, you'll see the disclaimer text when you set your budget. Warning message when setting a daily budget with PPC Theoretically, this means that you can start your campaign in the middle of the Photo Retouching month and discover that you've already run out of your entire month's budget. advertisement Continue reading below (Of course, we don't recommend looking at your account until the middle of the month. You really need to monitor it daily, but it can happen if you try to manage your PPC account yourself.)

sukanto Kuri

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