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Our Amenities

What We Provide

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The Dining Room

Let's Get Social

An attractive Dining Room for dining and social interactions over meal times, this social activity is encouraged. We ensure that visitors and family are welcome to join their relative for meals when ordered in advance. The dining room also doubles as an activities area for residents to participate in painting, artwork, cooking, games and more.

Communal Lounge Area

Fresh Air and Entertainment

There is a main communal lounge which is equipped with Entertainment systems and activities materials.   The main lounge has access via patio doors to a lovely seating area within our garden and we encourage residents to gain fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty of the garden area.

Your Room

Designed With You In Mind

The home is provided with standard furnishings, but residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms with their own furniture, photographs and personal possessions to reinforce the homely feel. Personalisation is very important for those suffering from dementia as it aids in the transition from home to care home and aids with a sense of belonging and familiarity.

Amenities: Amenities
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