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Lead a Fulfilling Life

Healing Hands

Specialised Living

Person-centred Plans

We specialise in caring for adults suffering from physical disablement, all
forms of memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia, via ‘person-centred’ care plans. These care plans enable us to focus on each individual first and foremost so that we can tailor their care and meet their needs.

Long Term Care

Nourish Your Soul

For those patients who are admitted for long term care, we aim to provide a home for the remainder of their lives.  For those who come to us for respite care, we aim to make it feel like a holiday with plenty of interesting activities tailored to their personal interests and wishes.

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

A Home Away From Home

Let's Get Personal

We encourage residents to lead a fulfilling life, and the appropriateness of our care ensures their well-being for the duration of their stay with us. Every resident is entitled to the same rights they would expect in their own home.  Promoting independence and personal choice is vital, even if it involves an element of risk taking.  Although we do our best to minimise risks, residents’ personal preferences remain paramount.

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